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Dr. Scientist Tremolessence Tremolo Pedal


Dr. Scientist Tremolessence Tremolo Pedal #444 in mint condition in original box.

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Product Description

Dr. Scientist Tremolessence

This is the green version that is tough to find and out of production. You can hardly ever find these new because they are continually out of stock. Very cool pedal

The Dr. Scientist Tremolessence offers up a plethora of amplitude modulation, from a soft ramp to staccato blips, at almost any desired speed. With a versatile control interface and a unique Hold function, the Tremolessence may be the future of analog modulation effects. The signal path and oscillator are both analog for the purest tone possible while the soft-touch relay switching is true bypass and more importantly, silent. The Dr. Scientist Tremolessence gives the option of either triangle or square wave oscillation and the Rate control will allow for very slow or extremely fast tremolo effects that can also be controlled by an expression pedal. Using the Shape knob, the waveform can be altered for smooth ramps up/down on the triangle setting or little blips or long bleeps on square mode. The Depth can be controlled with the onboard knob or with a low impedance expression pedal. Unique to the Dr. Scientist Tremolessence is the Hold function. Once the Hold switch is engaged (the pedal must be on first), the Hold knob controls the ramp-in time of the effect and the bypass switch becomes a momentary control for instantaneous tremolo that turns off when you release the switch. With all these features, the Dr. Scientist Tremolessence truly brings the future of tremolo to those lucky enough to live in the present.

Dr. Scientist Tremolessence Features:

  • Soft Touch Relay True Bypass Switching
  • All Analog Signal Path and Oscillator
  • True Stereo Operation
  • Expression Pedal Inputs for Depth and Speed
  • Hold Mode
  • Active Treble Control
  • Adjustable Square/Triangle Waveform Operation
  • Standard -9vdc up to -18vdc Operation (no batteries)

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