Dr. Scientist CosmicChorus Zombies


Dr Scientist CosmicChorus pedal, Zombies #43, mint condition in original box.

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Product Description

Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus

This is the hard to find Zombies green version #43.

The Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus is an all analog bucket brigade device (BBD) designed around an MN3007 chip for fantastic pitch-shifting modulation and all the control you need to create your greatest as-yet-unimagined music. From basic chorus effects to heavy vibrato to outrageous warbling mayhem, the Cosmichorus sounds great at any setting. With true bypass delivering your unaffected dry signal to the amp, the simple controls adjust the affected signal only. The Mix control blends the wet and dry signals for the effect you want while the Volume control adjusts the wet signal only, use these two together to maintain a usable output level. The 3-position Clock switch and Clock control determine the amount of pitch shift the effect will create, while the rate Control sets the frequency of the modulation.

The Hold switch selects a unique mode in which the wet signal is held in time until you step on the switch for modulation. The Hold knob determines the lag time between your switching it on and the onset of the effect. The Invert switch lets you turn the wet signal 180 degrees out of phase for a different mono sound or a greater separation between wet and dry when used in stereo. The Cosmichorus has two jacks for expression pedals. The top one lets you determine the rate, while the other gives you manual control over the pitch shift for chorus pedal that works like a wah, amazing! The Cosmichorus operates with any standard -9vDC power supply.

Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus Features:

    • All Analog Bucket Brigade Device
    • MN3007 Chip
    • Treble, Hold, Clock, Volume, Mix, and Rate Controls
    • 2-Position Invert and Hold Toggles
    • 3-Position Clock Toggle
    • 2 Expression Pedal Jacks for Rate and Manual Control
    • Stereo Input and Output Jacks
    • Soft Touch Switching
    • True Bypass
    • 4.625” (11.74 cm) x 3.625” (9.20 cm) x 2” (5.08 cm)
    • 120mA Power Draw
    • -9vDC Operation

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