DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal


Overdrive Pedal with Gain Switch, Internal Buffer Switch, and Input Filter Control. New condition in original box.

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Product Description

Low Gain, High Gain, This Pedal Can Do It All

The DOD Looking Glass overdrive effects pedal was designed in conjunction with Shoe Pedals with enough shaping power to be most players’ go-to drive. A high/low gain switch works with a standard gain knob to precisely dial in anything from a low-gain boost to aggressive distortion. The input filter controls help shape your tone as it enters the pedal. And an internal buffer switch allows the pedal to be optimized for use anywhere on your pedalboard. The DOD Looking Glass overdrive pedal has enough power to replace multiple dirt boxes on your board.

DOD Looking Glass Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Overdrive pedal with wide gain and tonal range
  • Input filter control
  • Bass and treble cut
  • High- and low-gain switch
  • Internal buffer selector

The DOD Looking Glass Overdrive can get any shade of grit you need.

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