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Buy Guitar PedalsThe Pedal Page is a website exclusively dedicated to guitar pedals. This site is run by musicians for musicians. We offer excellent pre-owned boutique and vintage guitar pedals at a nice price. Chris and Dave are admitted gear junkies who have played just about every guitar pedal known to man at one time or another. Are we a little bit crazy and overly enthusiastic about guitar pedals? Sure we are, and we think that is a good thing, contrary to what our wives may say.

We specialize in rare, cool, vintage, and boutique stuff, but we also specialize in guitar pedals that are just plain useful to the average musician. Just because it doesn’t cost a lot, or says Boss on it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a flat out cool and useful pedal.

You don’t have to be a rich collector to buy from us (although we encourage all rich collectors to frequent our site!) you just have to be a guitar player who likes cool gear. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t play ourselves; ‘If we wouldn’t own it, we won’t sell it.’ Is our mantra and we take it seriously. So seriously in fact, that we rate each pedal we sell with a ‘Cool Factor’ The higher the Cool Factor the more we feel you will enjoy the pedal and the more cool you will feel while playing it. Isn’t that what playing guitar is all about? Seriously, we test out and play each and every pedal we sell and we are confident that you will like every pedal you buy from us as much as we do.

We also offer another little twist that nobody else in the music industry can match: if you buy a pedal from us, we will give you 75% of the purchase price back in Pedal Page credit any time you want to return it. So, if you buy a Keeley modd-ed Tube Screamer from us, play it for 6 months and then decide you want to try something different, you just send it back for a credit of your original purchase price. There are no time frame restrictions. As long as it’s still in good shape and working order, we will give you 75% of your money back in Pedal Page credit so you can use it to try something different. So if you paid $100 for a pedal from us, we give you $75 credit when you want to try something new. Isn’t that better than some stupid rental fee or monthly membership? Don’t want the credit? No sweat, we will pay you cash as well. We guarantee you at least 50% (or MORE) of your purchase price back in cash on any pedal you bought from us. How’s that for the best deal in the industry?

About the owners

Both Chris and Dave are professional musicians who have played in live bands everywhere from Montana to Arizona for decades. Both are also unapologetic gear snobs who know what sounds good and what doesn’t after years of trial and error. They built The Pedal Page to offer guitar players something new and just a little bit different from the norm. The Pedal Page is a forum to not only buy cool and unusual pedals at a great price, but it is also a place to sell pedals that you aren’t using any more. We sell at fair prices and we buy at fair prices unlike some other sites you may find. There are no hidden gimmicks or memberships to join, we just provide a fun experience for guitarists.  We play every pedal we offer for sale and we offer our opinions on those pedals as well without taking ourselves too seriously at the same time. Whether you agree with us or not on a certain pedal, we hope you enjoy our site and have fun in your eternal pursuit of TONE.

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