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Rare, cool, vintage, and boutique guitar pedals, but we also specialize in guitar pedals that are just plain useful to the average musician and check out our Pedal Page credit options!

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Get 75% in Pedal Page Credit

Vintage Guitar Pedals

Check out our credit program!

if you buy a vintage guitar pedal from us, we will give you 75% of the purchase price back in Pedal Page credit any time you want to return it. So, if you buy a Keeley modd-ed Tube Screamer from us, play it for 6 months and then decide you want to try something different, you just send it back for a credit of your original purchase price. There are no time frame restrictions.

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Get Cash or Credit for your gear

Vintage Guitar Pedals

Get cash for your gear now

If you choose cash, that’s great, we pay you within 24 hours of receiving your pedals. But, if you choose credit, we add a 20% premium to our offer. So, if we offer you $100 cash for your pedals, you can get $120 in Pedal Page credit instead. This gives you even more bang for your buck and puts you closer to purchasing all the cool gear you see on our site.

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